Frank Sweet is looking for a four year severance package with benefits if he loses his job under a new mayor. This four year severance package is worth almost $500,000.

Here is what is proposed:

1. Section Q Termination of Supervisor contract/agreement includes a severance package of 48 months, to be taken at employees (not the City’s) discretion whether lump sum, monthly or quarterly installments etc.

2. full medical benefits paid during that 4 year period

3. 30 day notice of termination (and package not to take effect until the actual date (after the initial 30 days) transpires.

4. .Employer to purchase term life insurance to the value of 4 times the amount of the employee’s base pay.

5. A company car to take home

6. A disability policy to be purchase by the City of Selah on behalf of the City supervisor which pays a minimum of 60% of employees salary and a 90 day elimination period.

7. Increase salary/benefits at the same time other employees are

8. No reduction in benefits/salary during employment unless all employees have the same.

The City Supervisors salary is over $105,000 + a year. This is above the norm for a city this size in any area already! Do you think his request is valid or is it too much? Tell us below.