Two pre season games down, two to go. Even though Free Agent Tavaris Jackson has been announced as the Seahawks' starter, incumbent backup Charlie Whitehurst has looked good in his two outings. Is controversy brewing?

The last 3 or 4 seasons, some people couldn't wait to run Mattt Hasselbeck out of Seattle. When he was told he wouldn't be in the Seahawks' plan this year, he signed a deal with Tennesee. The same people who wanted him gone screamed "Now we don't have an experienced quarterback!" Enter Tavaris Jackson, a five year veteran free agent from Minnesota who played behind Bret Favre for the last two seasons. Coach Pete Carroll annointed him as the starter as soon as he was signed in Seattle. In his first two outings in the pre season, critics didn't rate him very high.  Last year's back up, Charlie Whitehurst has looked improved over last year, but that''s been against second unit defenses. Is a quarterback controversy brewing? In a poll at today, most of those polled want Whitehurst a chance to compete for the starting job. What do you think?

Here's a link to the PI's poll: