Valentine’s Day 2012…one week and counting and there’s no need counting the number of gifts you have to buy because you don’t have anyone special in your life.  Sad yes, hopeless no!  Do what more and more people are doing and look for love online?

A study from the University of Rochester finds that short of being set by a mutual friend,  meeting someone online has surpassed all other forms of match making.Seems that the “science of love” may not be so much of a science after all….as in..there is no scientific proof that match making science works, but when love is in the air science best beware.  

“Online dating is definitely a new and much needed twist on relationships,” said Harry Reis, one of the study’s researchers and psychology professor at University of Rochester.”

In many ways it’s a numbers game.  The pond that romantics fish in, their everyday circle of friends and random contacts,  is pretty small when compared to the millions of love sick lookers on line.

The love doctors do offer a word of warning… “comparing hundreds of people profile’s to find a mate may lead to a “shopping” mentality, in which people become judgmental and focus too hard on a slim criteria such as looks, or basic interests”

In the end the romance researchers learned that 25 million people used the internet to make a romantic connection in 2011.  Two years earlier my Mother-In-Law (Karen-Special K) found her new hubby (Ken-Special Ken) and I got to preside at the wedding….it sure worked for them!

These findings are published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest