A 20-year-old man is dead after a fight broke out at a big house party Saturday night in Grandview. Police say Carmen Johnson, of Mabton, was shot and killed while at the party on Sand Hill Road.

Empty beer bottles are the only thing left from a party that got out of control last night and cost someone their life. 20-year-old Carmen Johnson was shot and killed at a party in Grandview early Sunday morning after a fight broke out. One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said hearing about the homicide is upsetting.

Investigators were on scene today sifting through evidence left by what police say was a party of up to several hundred people. Someone claiming to be at the party said that known gang members showed up at the house and started multiple fights before firing five gun shots, killing Carmen and injuring one other person.

Investigators have yet to name a suspect in the case. They ask if anyone has any information, please call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office.