The Seahawks pre-season gets underway on August 7th at Mile High Stadium against the Denver Broncos.  We don’t like the Broncos and there is a pretty good chance that after the Superbowl beating they endured they don’t like us much either.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

So amidst all that dislike, Bronco’s Q.B. Peyton Manning has been recognized as the 4th greatest sports star of all time. There are no Seahawks on the top ten list--Yet!!

When it comes to sports, the debates are legendary: Who is the greatest baseball player of all time? Who rules on the gridiron? Who commands on the basketball court?

When 2,241 adults who follow at least one sport were asked by The Harris Poll which two athletes are the greatest sports stars of all time, LeBron James was named number 1. Following right behind him were Michael Jordan at number 2 and Derek Jeter at number 3.  Respondents must have had short memories or no memories given the names on the list.

The top 10 greatest male sports stars of all time:

1. LeBron James (basketball)
2. Michael Jordan (basketball)
3. Derek Jeter (baseball)
4. Peyton Manning (football)
5. Kobe Bryant (basketball) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR): tie
7. Tom Brady (football)
8. Tiger Woods (golf)
9. Drew Brees (football)
10. Aaron Rodgers (football)

The top 10 greatest female sports stars of all time:

1. Serena Williams (tennis)
2. Danica Patrick (race car driver)
3. Venus Williams (tennis)
4. Maria Sharapova (tennis)
5. Mia Hamm (soccer)
6. Lindsey Vonn (skiing) and Billie Jean King (tennis): tie
8. Alex Morgan (soccer) and Chris Evert (tennis): tie
10. Misty May (volleyball)