For years my mantra has been "I want to see the Seahawks win a Super Bowl before I die." Now that it's happened, I'm a bit nervous.

I just happen to be a bit superstitious. During Sunday's game, even as the points mounted for the Seahawks, I wouldn't say anything. When my soon to be eight-year-old son  said "I think the Seahawks are gonna win the Super Bowl, Dad," I shushed him. I didn't want to jinx anything.

Now that Seattle is bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to the northwest, I have seen the Seahawks win  the big one before my demise. It happened. What next? Will my self proclaimed wish come true? Is my ticket to the big sleep punched?

Do I start looking over my shoulder more? Be extra cautious behind the wheel? Go to the gym more to improve my health?

Wait. This might mean that I could live to 99 years-of-age and the Seahawks might not win another one.

Oh, what the heck. Time to celebrate. I'll take my chances.


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