With last Sunday's win over Tennessee, Seattle saw it's stock rise slightly again in this week's ratings.

In the Associated Press Pro32 rankings, the 5-1 Seahawks switched places with undefeated Kansas City to regain the #2 spot.

At ESPN.com, the Seahwks rose one spot to #4. Their panel said:

Marshawn Lynch had 21 rushes for 77 yards and four catches for 78 yards Sunday, his first career game with at least 75 rushing and 75 receiving yards.


At CBSsports.com, Pete Prisco has Seattle at #3:

They will be getting Percy Harvin back soon. They need him in the worst way.


At NFL.com, Elliott Harrison keeps the Seahawks at #5:

Tell me the 12th Man didn't get a little queasy late in the third quarter Sunday when it was 10-all and the Titans were at the Seattle 43. Close contest. Loved the play by reserve Seahawks holder Chris Maragos, who singlehandedly made Urkel, Lucas, Dan Orlovsky and millions of other people feel better about their respective athletic careers.

Finally at Foxsports.com, Brian Billick holds Seattle at #3:

The Seahawks haven't lost at home since 2011, outscoring their opponents 337-128 in that span, but the Titans made it a little too close for comfort on Sunday.


All of the this week's NFL Power Rankings have the 6-0 Denver Broncos as the top team.