Seattle's All-Pro cornerback was named one Time's 100 most influential people in 2014.

While the print edition lands at newsstands on Friday, the online edition became available Wednesday. Sherman is listed as one of the magazine's "influential pioneers",  having burst into the national conscience with his post-game rant after January's NFC championship game.

Time's Sean Gregory wrote:

Sherman’s rant solidified his reputation as one of the brashest and most candid players in the buttoned-up NFL. More important, it sparked a national conversation about race, stereotyping and sportsmanship. When critics labeled the dreadlocked defensive star a “thug,” Sherman, a Compton, Calif.–raised Stanford graduate, engaged the debate, asking if the term was today’s way of calling him the N word? In a heartbeat, Sherman altered the discourse and emerged as the smartest voice in the room.

At a time when most pro athletes flee social questions, Sherman tackles them head on. And he backs it up on the field too, leading the Seahawks to their first Super Bowl win. So keep talking, Sherm. We have much more to learn.

Seattle's Jeff Bezos of also made the list.