4th round draft pick Robert Turbin from Utah State could be called "Beast Mode V.2" for his impressive physique and his never quit running style. But it's what's under the surface that could be his most impressive quality.

Robert Turbin has the physical, even punishing, style that will complement leading rusher Marshawn Lynch and allow the Seahawks to run their run-oriented offense on those occasions when Lynch needs a breather or can’t play. And yes, they got yet another player who answers yet another need with the 11th pick in the fourth round.

However, there's more to this rookie running back from Utah State than huge arms and pile driving legs.

Since the age of 8, Turbin has helped his  father care for his older sister Tiffany, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

Turbin spoke to Clare Farnsworth at seahawks.com.

She’s in a wheelchair, the only thing she can move is her head,” Turbin said of Tiffany, who is now 33. “My role was to feed her when it was time to feed her and give her water and change diapers and put her to sleep – and pretty much do everything that you would do with a newborn baby.

“That’s pretty much how it was all the time, that’s pretty much how it still is. That was my role. Whenever my dad was gone or at work, when I would come home from school, while I was doing my homework, I would take care of Tiffany.

It looks like the Seahawks got a football player who really knows about sacrifice and hard work, and not just on the field.

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