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After much speculation last week about Marshawn Lynch being absent from this week's mandatory camp, the Seahawks' starting running back reported to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC) on Tuesday morning.

Rumors surfaced last week that Lynch would skip this week's mini-camp as leverage for a contract renegotiation.

ESPN reports that Lynch and the Seahawks are talking about a re-do of his deal, and that Lynch didn't want to be fined $70,000 per day for missing camp while trying to get a new contract.

Nick Eaton wrote Tuesday at

His current deal would pay him a base salary in 2014 of $5 million plus bonuses that could bring the total to $7 million. He could earn as much as $9 million in 2015, yet many Seahawks followers expect the team would attempt to restructure his deal with backup halfbacks Robert Turbin and Christine Michael waiting in the wings.


But Lynch reportedly wants more up-front money for 2014. Last week, it appeared Lynch — or his agent — were posturing for a salary showdown, but his participation in minicamp Tuesday would suggest that he and the Seahawks

are at least close to a satisfactory new agreement.