After losing the Guinness world record for crowd noise at an outdoor stadium to fans of the Kansas City Chiefs last week,  Guinness authorities have offered the 12th Man a chance to take the record back.

Seahawks fans briefly held the record for the "loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium" after hitting 136.6 decibels in the Sept. 15 game against the San Francisco 49ers, topping the old record of 131.76 set at a soccer match at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

Fans at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium set a new record of 137.5 decibels during last Sunday's against the Oakland Raiders.

Does the 12th Man get another shot at the record? According to Volume 12 organizer and former Seahawk Joe Tafoya, the answer is yes.

The next attempt could take place during a Monday night game against the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 2 at Centurylink Field.

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