David Voborra, a linebacker from the University of Idaho was the last over all pick in the 2008 NFL draft. Often times these guys don't make the team that drafts them, or any team at all. The Eugene, Oregon native stuck for three years with the Rams, and now has a chance with the Seahawks.David Voborra may have been the last player taken in the 2008 NFL draft, but made the roster with the St. Louis Rams. Now, he has a chance to use his skills with Seattle.

Seahawks.com Insider Claire Farnsworth says:

In three seasons with the Rams, Vobora had 83 tackles and another 29 covering kicks on special teams. He played in 34 games, starting 16 – including one in 2008, when he became the first “Mr. Irrelevant” to start as a rookie since linebacker Marty Moore with the New England Patriots in 1994.

Which brings us back to the title that Vobora proudly claims, even though it is bestowed annually on the last player selected in the NFL Draft – in his case, the 252nd pick overall.

“That’s always been something I’ve taken a lot of pride in,” he said.

The “Mr. Irrelevant” program was started in 1976 by former USC and NFL receiver Paul Salata. The week-long festivities in Southern California include a golf tournament and regatta. There’s even a roast/banquet where the player is presented with the Lowsman Trophy – as opposed to the Heisman Trophy that goes to the best player in college football each season. Vobora’s Lowsman is at his parent’s house in Eugene.

“I haven’t seen it in a little while,” he said with a laugh. “But they’ve got it in the trophy case.”

Plus, the proceeds from all things “Irrelevant” benefit various charities.

“It’s a great deal,” Vobora said. “Not only is it a big charity thing – a ton of money gets donated to charities – but being the last pick you get a whole week down in California and they make a pretty fun atmosphere for you.”

Enough so that you don’t feel like the last player selected in the draft.

“It’s an incredible deal,” he said. “You kind of feel like you’re the first pick.”

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