You can keep your Man of Steel and your Iron Man…I’m waiting for the giant aliens of the upcoming movie Pacific Rim. In fact, between the movie characters and the characters on Television’s Falling Skies and Defiance, I seem to be surrounded by aliens lately.  Which raises the question--.W

ould I really like to see an alien someday?   Um, sure?

In a recent survey by the University of California, most Americans not only believe that UFO aliens exist; they welcome the chance to meet and greet visitors from outer space.  More than 50 percent of people are excited by the prospect of contact with an extraterrestrial. Respondents also believe friendly aliens will share knowledge instead of eating people like a typical horror movie.

The reason researchers gave for that is the prospect of finding aliens may be far less startling for generations brought up with word processors, electronic calculators, avatars and cell phones.

Just remember—Soylent Green Is People!!!  To Serve Man is a cookbook!