In a close vote, the U.S. House passed a scaled down Farm Bill two weeks after it failed in the House. The bill which passed today only dealt with agriculture issues and did not include the food nutrition program, otherwise known as food stamp program. .Fourth District Congressman Doc Hastings voted for the bill., he says he's glad to see the farm bill separated  into two parts. Hastings "we  will come back later this month and deal with the food stamp program which needs to be more cost efficient."  The vote was 216 to 208.

The bill makes a number of important reforms including eliminating direct payments and duplicative programs, while continuing key priorities that help growers and processors in Central Washington remain competitive in an ever-global marketplace.

Hastings also said  “The House today made clear its commitment to our growers and farmers, while working to bring fiscal sense to the federal government.  I’m optimistic that the House and Senate will work in a bipartisan manner to resolve their differences and ensure a Farm Bill is enacted into law, so that we can reduce our national debt while providing certainty to Rural America.”