My wife and I have been watching the saga of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-lord Walter White for five years now. The final episode is coming up, and I have a feeling it's going to be a legendary event!

Imagine this: A lower middle class chemistry teacher with a dead end job, a pregnant wife, a handicapped son, a mortgage and more bills than he can handle finds out he has lung cancer. What's his family going to do when he's gone? He decides to use his knowledge of chemistry and the help of one of his former students, now an addict, to cook up world class crystal meth and make big money.

Just what you would have thought up, right?

As I said, something in that implausible plot caught the fancy of my wife and I, and we've seen every episode of "Breaking Bad". Twists, turns, murder and mayhem have been happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 5 years and it all comes to an end next Sunday night.

I don't have time to explain everything that has happened to Walter White and his family, extended family, and former student, Jesse Pinkman, but take the time to find some synopses on line. You'll ask yourself; "How did I miss this?"

I will miss "Breaking Bad", but I understand that one of the characters will get a spin-off series of his own. Oops, there's a spoiler. Somebody will survive what could be a very deadly series conclusion.

Visit the show's official website here.