A classic music video for your Saturday morning!

It still escapes me that by 1985 Jefferson Airplane, a hard rocking 60s counter culture rock band, had morphed into Starship, an 80s quasi-pop hair band. Maybe it was all about growing up, or most likely money.

I remember seeing Starship perform this song at Disneyland of all places, during the taping of a TV special in 1986. I had pictured Grace Slick as some sort of tall rock and roll amazon, but in reality, here she was: petite, tanned and wearing 80s pastels. (With the required 80s look of having her jacket sleeves rolled up) Of course, she got to sing the verse alluding to corporate greed, so her 60s cred remained intact.

From 1985, here's Starship's "We Built This City".