Direct TV has announced that a channel for dogs will be launched on August 1. It's not a channel about dogs, it's a channel for dogs.


No, really. Our canine buddies will be this channel's (DogTV) target audience.  According to entertainment publication Variety,  DogTV 's programming will feature, "programming comprised of  3- to 6-minute video clips in three categories: relaxation, stimulation, and exposure, which center on segments designed to habituate dogs to domestic stimuli."

The aim is for the stay at home dog to be occupied and entertained watching the tube so that owners won't come home to trashed carpets, destroyed furniture and swallowed slippers. We're not sure about potty accidents, because after all when a dog has to go, it has to go.

DogTV launches August 1. It will be free for two weeks, then cost $4.99 a month.

The possibilities are endless. Doggie game shows like "Wheel of Milkbones". Reality shows like "Watch me Lick This", and comedy shows like "The Big Sniff Theory"

How they are going to measure the ratings, I have no idea.

Like I said, only in America.

Visit DogTV's official website here.