Ladies, we are a lot closer to Halloween than Valentine’s Day but maybe your search for romance has been a bit scary.  Fear not.  A recent survey has the information you need. If you want a romantic man, find the nearest 53-year-old fella. According to a recent survey, that's the age at which men are their most romantic taking their lady for a walk in the park, sprinkling roses petals in the bath and shelling out for chocolates, flowers and perfume. 

I guess I can independently confirm that because that was my age when I began to court my fabulous wife!  The study showed that of the guys age 20 to 25, only 1 in 4 admit they've recently treated their loved one to a candlelit dinner but over half of those over 50 had. And 73% of older gents say they tell their partners they look beautiful all the time and 85% refuse to leave the house without a kiss.   

When did us old dogs learn these seemingky new tricks?  Years ago when momma raised us right…it just takes most of a while to …mature!  Thanks for all the patience ladies!