Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi met with Yakima County Superior Court Judges Monday to talk about a letter he wrote to the judges hoping they would consider everything when being asked to furlough criminals from the county jail.

Rizzi says he was not trying to influence a sentencing decision only voice his concern. And he says he would do it again.

“I’d take a different tactic but I’d do it again because I’m simply concerned about the public.”

Rizzi says he was not allowed to speak to the judges. He felt the judges admonished him for writing the letter before the sentencing of a suspect but Rizzi says it was not his intent to influence sentencing.

Rizzi says he stands by the letter and says his only concern was public safety.

The Chief wrote the letter earlier this year after a criminal was furloughed by a judge and was only returned to jail after a high speed chase.

Rizzi feels judges are wrong to allow dangerous criminals furloughs for whatever reason.