Every Wednesday we have Rob Vickers and Clark Perman from Financial Management Incorporated on the Morning News to talk money matters and we always learn something new and interesting.  Admittedly, the world of finance is an alien world to Lance and myself. One of the topics we discuss from time to time is the frantic, high paced world of financial trading.  I know I wouldn’t last five minutes in that shark tank because, well,  because my ring finger isn’t long enough!  What?  That’s right.  My index finger is longer than my ring finger and that puts me at a disadvantage because believe it or not, having a longer index finger is worth YEARS of trading experience!

The Associated Press reports on this puzzling phenomenon in research from the University of Cambridge in England.    What scientists found, unbelievably, was that just having a longer ring finger was equal to years of experience on the job.

Well how can that be?  Cue the guys from Cambridge who say the length of your fingers is determined during fetal development. When the ring finger is longer, it generally indicates a greater exposure to the male hormone androgen. That equates with masculine characteristics and aggression.  However, just because this finger ratio appears to predict the success of financial traders, the researchers caution it does not necessarily mean that others with this finger length will excel at financial activities.  Still it’s fascinating to consider the findings.

  • Those whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers made 11 times more money than those with the shortest ring fingers.
  • When only experience was compared, the most experienced traders made about nine times more than the least experienced ones during the same time period.
  • When the team examined the results of only the experienced traders, those with longer ring fingers earned five times as much as those with shorter ring fingers. In other words, finger length counted more than experience.

So high five to the longer ring finger guys…(Slap)...


say, they really ARE long aren’t they!