The design team for Yakima's Downtown Plaza visited Yakima Tuesday with the results from the city's recent questionnaire.

They shared those results with Yakima during a meeting at the Yakima Convention Center.

When talking about the downtown plaza, one of the biggest concerns community members have is that there will be a lot less parking, and people are not willing to walk to get to restaurants and shops. However, of the nearly 1,600 people who took the survey, 80 percent said they're willing to walk two blocks or more in the spring, fall and summertime. During the winter, it drops down to about 30 percent who would be willing to walk two blocks or more.

One response that was not quite as surprising to the city is that a majority of people reported that they do not feel safe downtown at night. The design team said safety is on the forefront of their minds when creating the plaza.

People also made it clear that they want more events, seasonal markets and free wi-fi is a huge draw. But on the other hand, things people do not want to see in the downtown plaza include an orchard, a climbing wall or table and board games.

The design team said three potential designs will be ready by July.