Our recent extremely hot weather is spiking the potential of wildfires. How do you protect your home if you live in a potential fire danger area?

Every year thousands of wildfires burn millions of acres across the United States. It’s not if, but when the next wildfire will threaten your community.  In the Yakima Valley, there are many residential areas that adjoin undeveloped land that could easily go up in flames with just a spark. What can you do to protect your home if it is in one of those places?

Here are some tips from fireadapted.org.

A wildfire is still a threat, even if it’s miles away. Traveling embers can ignite roofs, lawn chairs, decks, fences, mulch, pine needles, and other common items around your house and yard. Cleaning your property of debris and maintaining your landscaping reduces the likelihood of ignition. Consider everyday preparedness actions to make your home and property safer from wildfire, such as creating a “fuel-free” area within five feet of your home’s foundation, moving firewood stacks and propane tanks away from your house or shed, and disposing of lawn cuttings.

For more information, contact your local fire department or fire district.