Fourth District Congressman Doc Hastings says the I.R.S. scandal may lead to more people being fired or thrown in jail .  He's referring to the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny.  Hastings says " this is very, very serious, and it needs to be explored to the fullest."  " I know the committee of jurisdiction , the Ways and Means committee understands that and they're going to proceed in that way."  Hastings also says " Somebody needs to lose their jobs, because they were given a public trust with an agency that has a tremendous impact on the American people."  "If it's just a slap on the wrist rather than losing their job or going to jail then justice is not being done." Today President Barack Obama promised to work with Congress to make sure the I.R.S. doesn't abuse it's power.  Speaking to reporters today, Obama said, "I think we're going to be able to fix it."   The I.R.S. has apologized for the action taken against conservative groups.

Yesterday President Obama fired I.R.S. acting commissioner amid the controversy.   A White House official says Obama will appoint senior White House budget officer Daniel Werfel to be acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to replace Miller.