My wife and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary in September. We were talking about that moment we decided to get married the other day.

I saw a YouTube video recently that, to me, was one of the best marriage proposals I've ever seen. I'll get to that in a moment, but it reminded me of nearly 20 years ago when my wife and I decided to get hitched.

We had been dating about nine months, I was divorced and she was a young widow.

We had been on a trip to the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede and were on our way back to Yakima. We both had marriage in our minds, but hadn't really talked about it. We stopped at a fast food joint in Kennewick and talked about our financial situations and other things for hours. After that discussion, I said to Sandy "I guess we're going to get married." She said "I guess we are." It was more of us getting to the same place at the same time, than a "down on your knees and pop the question" type of thing. After, all we had both been married before, and we were a little older.

So maybe it wasn't a classic, romantic violin-and-flowers situation, but it suited us just fine.

How about you? How did you propose to your spouse? Was it a big production number, or was it more like "So, you wanna tie the knot?"

By the way, here's that YouTube video I was talking about. I almost wish I could have done it this way!