The Yakima Valley chapter of the American Red Cross has announced their winner of the 2013 Humanitarian Award.

Russ Wilkinson, a board member for the Red Cross, has been selected for the honor. He joins Karen Pratt, the 2012 Humanitarian recipient, as members of the community who recognize the spirit of humanity within the American Red Cross and who inspire individuals to pursue humanitarian goals.

Wilkinson has been a board member of the Red Cross for eight years often hosting the chapter's Gran Vin event.

Lisa Reinhart, executive director for the local chapter said, “Russ is an exceptional person who has a true passion for giving back to his community. His dedication and countless efforts to support our local chapter are truly inspiring.”

The Red Cross Humanitarian Award recognizes someone who has demonstrated an inspiring spirit of humanity in a local, national, and/or international capacity in one or more of the following areas.

  • Promotion of mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all peoples.
  • Contributing to the alleviation of human suffering, protection of life or the promotion of health.
  • Education of the public on the meaning and importance of humanity, and protection of human dignity.
  • Promotion of respect for human beings.

Wilkinson says, “My suggestion to all who want to see and experience real meaning of wealth and happiness is to simply get involved and start making a difference where you are right now.”