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Another Mother's Day is upon us, a holiday that I always feel a little wistful about. My own mother passed away nearly 45 years ago, and there are a lot of questions that I wish I could ask her.

Mother's Day in my family is now about honoring my wife, who is a mother of five. I lost my own mother to cancer back in 1969 when I was 14 years old. Looking back, for some reason Mother's Day was not a big day in our family, which is why my kids and I try to make a huge deal out of it for my wife and her mother.

Every year at this time, I think about some of the things that, as an adult now, I would love to ask my mother. I'd ask her about what it was like growing up in the Deep South during the time of Jim Crow and segregation. I would ask her about her World War II Navy service. I want to know why she smoked so heavily. Why she fell in love with the Yakima Valley.  Why the hamburger patties she cooked were always crunchy on the outside. Things that a young child wouldn't ask a parent, but an adult child would.

Think about it. If you've lost your parents, what are some of the questions that you would like to ask them now?