I recently read an article about a "bucket list" of activities around Seattle and the northwest that people who live in Seattle should take part in. I got to thinking: Is there a Yakima Valley "bucket list?"

Most of the activities in Vanessa Ho's article at seattlepi.com were things that are located in western Washington. Some, like climbing Mt. Rainier are universal for all Washingtonians. It did list visiting the Columbia Gorge and stargazing at the Goldendale Observatory as eastern Washington locations.

Is there a "bucket list" of Yakima Valley activities? Things that are a "can't miss" for Yakima Valley visitors and residents alike?

As examples, I came up with a few.

Experiencing the Prosser Gravity Hill, attending the Yakama Treaty Days Pow Wow held annually in June, or white water rafting on the Tieton River during the annual flip flop.

Here's where I need your help. I'd like to put together a Yakima Valley "bucket list" of activities for a future story. Send your ideas to brianteegarden@townsquremedia.com, and we'll see what we come up with.

Please keep in mind, I'm looking for legitimate suggestions. If you want to exhibit the Yakima propensity for snarkiness and negativity, thanks but no thanks.