Yakima County Prosecutor Jim Hagerty admits that there have been missteps in the Goggin's murder case, but he remains convinced  that the real murderer is still behind bars. Kevin Harper was originally charged with three counts of murder but Harper agreed to a plea bargain on theft and firearms charges rather than face triple murder charges.
Now Hagerty believes that Harper violated the agreement on the "Mike Bastinelli  Show" Hagerty said "It's our belief that he violated it, and believe that we should be put back in a position before the agreement, and that is that he's charged with aggravated first degree murder in the Goggin's case , and the matter should proceed toward prosecution.  It's my opinion that Kevin Harper is in fact the perpetrator in that crime."

Bill Goggins, his wife Pauline and his 98 year old mother Bettye were bludgeoned to death  in February  2011. They were killed in  what investigators  believe was a burglary  gone bad at their  home in the gated Falcon Ridge community in West Valley.  Hagerty says  investigators have new information which he believes leads to Harper as the primary suspect. A hearing to revoke the plea  agreement is set for September.