The Powerball Jackpot has reached $260 million. That’s enough money to buy every resident in the state of Washington (6.9 million) a 15-tulip bouquet (up to $35).

The jackpot rolled after the drawing on Saturday, March 16. The next drawing will take place Wednesday, March 20, at 8:00 p.m.

Players can buy Powerball tickets at all Washington’s Lottery retail locations.

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A Washingtonian wouldn’t be the only winner if their Powerball numbers are selected. Washington’s Lottery benefits the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account, which gives scholarships to local college students. When money like the Powerball jackpot is won in state, Washington’s Lottery can give more scholarship opportunities to students. Additionally, if a Washington’s Lottery retailer sells the lucky Powerball ticket, it will receive a $50,000 selling bonus.

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