As the final applications for marijuana businesses are being released, prospective owners will find one property owner less than accommodating.

The Yakima Herald is reporting that a business that listed the Chalet Place as their location has not spoken with the mall's co-owner Bill Moultray.

Moultray said that not only has he yet to speak with the listed business, Green Gulch Inc., but that he would refuse to speak with them citing compatibility with the existing clientele of the complex that houses Wrays, Inklings Bookshop and many others.

The Summitview location is one of nine locations within the city limits that have applied for a permit to sell marijuana. The state has a limited number of licenses it will supply to Yakima County.

Early in 2014, the Yakima City Council is expected to pass an ordinance that will prohibit any sales, growing or packing of marijuana within the city limits. Multiple other municipalities around the state are passing similar legislation.

Moultray tells the Herald that he does not know the owner of the Green Gulch which has no listed owner.

Licenses will be issued starting February with a limit of 14 for Yakima County.