Talking and texting are still happening while driving and starting Monday, as KNDO reports, more officers will patrol city and county roads in Central Washington as part of the  "Click It Or Ticket" campaign.

The Yakima Police Department's goal is to get more people to understand the importance of wearing a seat belt and want to continue the trend of more people wearing seat belts in Washington where KNDO reports nearly 97 percent of people do wear seat belts.

KNDO says last year's "Click It Or Ticket" campaign saw police issue more than 3,000 seat belt violations out of the 11,000 people who were stopped statewide, but distracted driving is on the rise with drivers on their phones texting and talking.

KNDO reports that a ticket for distracted driving or not wearing a seat belt costs $124 and that police want drivers to use Bluetooth or other hands free device for phone calls so people will focus more on their driving.