The Zombie craze continues and you could be part of it! Tune in to the Morning News this Friday at 7:40 and find out how to get a paid to freak people out as part of  “Z Nation”, a new series on SyFy TV.According to a report in the Spokesman-Review a thirteen episode series will soon be shooting in Spokane.

Area talent firms, including Flannel Background, The View Talent Agency and Big Fish NW, are helping to round up “background performers” – extras – in “Z Nation.” If you’re interested in playing a zombie, register with one of the agencies:

• Visit or call (208) 818-3366.

• Visit and follow the steps detailed there. Be sure to put “Z Nation extra” in the subject line.

• Visit and follow the instructions.

The zombies are coming and they’re bringing work for nearly 200 actors, 1,300 extras and more

“Z Nation” will be a five-month shoot. A typical North by Northwest feature film shoots in about a month.

According to media reports earlier this month, the series is set three years after a zombie apocalypse decimated the United States. The only known survivor of the zombie plague must travel from New York to California, where scientists hope to retrieve antibodies from his blood to create a vaccine.

Spokane will be asked to stand in for a large swath of the nation.

Location scouts say what’s really great about Spokane is the variety of locations near by including deserts, wheat fields, mountains, lakes and lots of different kinds of neighborhoods in the city.

The show will include nine lead characters, and it’s possible that as many as four of those roles could be filled by local talent.  Good luck and they're ready for your close-up!