3 people were bit by pit bull service dog in Yakima Thursday. This just two weeks after the Yakima City Council approved a list of regulations for ADA service pit bulls to allow them in city limits. Joe Caruso, the cities code enforcement administator says the dog got out of a house at 1307 Garfield, then attacked another dog nearby.

"An individual tried to break up the dog, it was a relative of the dog's owner who was getting attacked, and trying to beat the dog to release. It would not release off the other dog and he got bit in the hand. Then another woman came by to try and help out and she got bit.   A third individual came by and was trying to break them up hitting the dog with a rake , that person was bit."

The pit bull service dog was taken to the human society and quarantined for ten days. The owner of the dog faces multiple citations.  A hearing will be held and the owner must prove that his dog is not a dangerous dog before he can get it back.