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Yakima Police are working to catch the last of three dogs who attacked an officer, a man, and another dog.

Officers say late Tuesday night they responded to reports of three aggressive and dangerous Pit Bull mix dogs with short, tan hair and dark faces near the 100 block of Division Street near the railroad tracks.

Police say while waiting for Animal Control to arrive, the dogs circled around a shed, escaped through a hole in the fence, and attacked an officer, biting him several times in his legs. The dogs ran away when the officer sprayed them with pepper spray. The officer was treated at the hospital, and is expected to return to work next week.

Police say early Wednesday morning, a 48-year-old man was walking his dog along the railroad tracks, when the three Pit-Bull mixes attacked them. Officers say an employee at a nearby business was able to throw rocks at the dogs to make them run off. The employee wasn't hurt, but paramedics took the victim to the hospital with several deep wounds to his head, face, arms, torso and legs. Officers say they do expect the man and his dog to survive.

After the second attack, a team of police officers were able find the dogs. Officers say they shot one dead, and wounded a second with what is most likely a fatal injury. Officers say they saw the third dog run off in the area.

Police say if you are in the area and a tan Pit-Bull mix confronts you, call 911