High Tech Alert.  The Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project has been talking to your neighbors to collect the facts on our use of digital & internet devices. From the survey of 3,000 people ages 16 and up:

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

People who read books, newspapers and magazines in digital form are more likely to increase how often they read.

Of those surveyed, nearly 30 percent said they own an e-reading device, such as an Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook or Apple iPad.

The typical e-book user reads 24 books a year, compared to 15 books for those who read paper books.

Amazon's Kindle is the top choice of e-readers with 60 percent of the market, compared with 20 percent for Barnes & Noble's Nook.

Among tablets, Apple rules with 60 percent owning an iPad, compared with 14 percent of tablet readers choosing an Amazon Kindle Fire.

People are also reading e-books on other types of devices. About 40 percent of e-readers have read a book on a computer, while around 30 percent have used a cell phone for reading books.

50 percent of those who have never read an e-book (across all age groups) have no interest in e-devices, no matter the cost or the product.