Could this be part of what’s going on with the President?  You know the claims of the critics.  His background-- never had a job other than community organizing, never run anything or been in charge of anything only to go from that to the man in charge of the most powerful country in the world!  That’s quite a leap and it carries a lot of psychological weight!  What does that do to a person?

New research finds that those with new power are more likely to be vengeful when in charge. Vengeful is a word those same critics have used in describing the President’s behavior.

To find this, researchers from Australia and the U.K. conducted four studies and found that participants who were newly exposed to power were more likely to seek revenge than those who were used to power.

Researchers say power is not simply good or bad; it affects different people in different ways. They also found that participants new to power who stood in certain body postures were more likely to seek greater vengeance compared to more self-assured participants. (Daily Mail)

Fascinating and worth further observation.