It is easy to guess who is happy to see recent stormy weather even in spite of 70 mile an hour winds at White Pass that led them to close the slopes Friday.

With the storms comes the snow that officials at White Pass have been waiting for to bring in the skiers.

Friday the slopes closed around noon because of heavy winds. The gusts were so strong that General Manager Kevin McCarthy told KNDO News that they were the strongest he has ever felt coming from the Yakima Valley.

Saturday was a different story as the wind died down and a huge storm bringing the most snow of the season followed. The storm dumped a foot of snow on the summit in 24 hours alone.

"It's been obviously a very dry December. But this is perfect," McCarthy said. "Of course unfortunately, or fortunately, storms come in as storms and with it is wind sometimes and that's just nature of the beast. But this is good for everybody."