A message in civics from the Sunnyside City Council race. Your one vote does matter, and don't forget to sign your ballot.  After last weeks primary, incumbent Don Vlieger had 57 votes, Spencer Martin was in second place with 56 votes and Victor Ochoa's was in third with 55 votes. Today the Yakima County Auditors office counted a ballot that just came in from a man who initially forgot to sign his ballot. That ballot was cast for Ochoa, that means there is a two-way tie for second. Ochoa and Martin each have 56 votes.

Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly says they have decided how they plan to break a tie, "where going to do a random drawing and then the person who has the lowest number will be the person who continues on to the election."  The top two finishers advance to Novembers general election.
Mattingly says this re-enforces the belief that every vote counts.  "It really does matter, this is a perfect example of how one vote can make a difference."