Are you part of the one-a-day vitamin crowd?  Ever wonder if you really are doing yourself any good?  New research says you are.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Men who pop a daily multivitamin appear to have a moderately lower risk for developing cancer, according to researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Veterans Administration Boston Healthcare System.

Oddly enough nobody has really looked at this before so this was the first large study to test the effectiveness of multivitamins in preventing cancer.

Previous, smaller studies have found that multivitamins not only don't help prevent chronic diseases, but also might even increase the risk of cancer so these results are a 180 degree turn.  For every 1,000 men per year in the study, there were 17 cancers among multivitamin users and more than 18 among those taking the placebo pills. That means a daily multivitamin pill can cut the chance of developing cancer by 8%.

That’s not huge but in the war on cancer, I think we all would take every advantage we could…so take your vitamin!