Throughout our lives teachers have had a huge impact on us, some good, some bad, and some unforgettable.  On this National Teacher's Appreciation Day, I can think of one in particular that influenced me.

His name is Gerry Farnsworth. I only had him for two classes during my sophomore year at White Swan High School, the only year he taught at White Swan. Those classes were phys ed and biology. He was also one of my Junior Varsity football coaches. He was the kind of teacher a 15-year-old boy gravitated to. Tough but fair, encouraging, and with a gift for communicating with kids. As a coach he could push you to do things that you never, ever thought you could achieve, without screaming or being abusive. He had a long career as a coach and educator up and down the Yakima Valley, and probably influenced  many more youth during that time.

I still run into him from time to time, and always call him "Coach", or "Mr. Farnsworth".

I don't think it would be possible to address him any other way.

Who are some of the teachers who made a positive impact on your lives?

Leave us a comment and let us know who they were and why they stood out.

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