Is this the fruits of maturity? A study found that the offspring of older women are less likely to have accidents or need hospital care and more likely to have been vaccinated early. They will also develop a broader vocabulary from a young age and achieve higher scores in IQ tests in a range of measures up to the age of five. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the older moms.  Chances are the cards and gifts you received were “smarter” because chances are your kids are smarter! Despite the many fears associated with older moms, children born to mothers over 40 are apparently healthier and smarter than those of younger women. 

The potential reasons for all this vary. Dr. Alastair Sutcliffe, who worked on the study said older mothers might be more risk-averse, possibly because they were less active and unable to run after their children, but they may also be better at spotting and avoiding potentially risky situations.