As the excitement for the Fourth of July celebrations increases, the Washington State Fire Marshal has a reminder that if your fireworks cause a fire, you could be required to pay restitution.

In a press release, State Fire Marshal Chuck Duffy reported that there were 102 fires caused by use of fireworks.

Wildland and vegetation fires accounted for 66, or 65% of all fireworks caused fires, resulting in $12,130 dollars of loss and damages.

The dry weather in Eastern Washington can make vegetation particularly vulnerable to sparks and fires. If a firework does hit some dry vegetation, fire officials recommend dousing the area with a bucket of water, or hosing it down completely. Make sure that there is no sign of embers or other burning areas.

The Fire Marshal's office has also released what they call the three B's of firework safety.

  • Be Prepared—Have water nearby and put pets indoors
  • Be Safe—Only adults should light fireworks
  • Be Responsible—Clean up fireworks debris