Just because you lost the Civil War it doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise!  What’s up with the South anyway? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report yesterday showing that 25 percent of Americans say they don't do any voluntary exercise at all and most of them are from Southern states.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The research was meant to show how some states are more active than others, and the 10 states with the highest percentage of people who don't exercise at all were:

  • Mississippi: 36%
  • Tennessee: 35.1%
  • West Virginia: 35.1%
  • Louisiana: 33.8%
  • Alabama: 32.6%
  • Oklahoma: 31.2%
  • Arkansas: 30.9%
  • Kentucky: 29.3%
  • Indiana: 29.2%
  • Missouri: 28.4%

The CDC's report suggests things states can do to encourage physical activity, including: creating or enhancing access to safe places for physical activity; enhancing physical education and physical activity in schools and child care; and supporting street- and community-scale design policy

About half the respondents said they meet the CDC's guideline of 150 minutes of weekly aerobic activity.