As a parent of a 5 1/2-year-old girl headed off to kindergarten in a couple of weeks, I’m excited for all the milestones of her early academic experience -- and that includes cupcakes, doggone it!

Now Washington state is in the news again for lame school district decisions. Parents of children in the Edmonds School District near Seattle have been banned from bringing cupcakes or any other kind of sweet treats to school for their kids’ birthday celebrations. Is that un-American or what?

Instead, they’re encouraged to celebrate with alternatives, like stickers and pencils. Hey, you can poke an eye out with a pencil, but not with a cupcake!

The rules were reported on NBC’s "Today" show. Edmonds is just the latest school district to try to counter the childhood obesity epidemic with new rules that restrict students’ access to high-calorie snacks.

Newsflash to Edmunds: Cupcakes on a birthday didn’t cause childhood obesity and banning them won’t fix it, either.