Studies show the most mom’s would like to get out from under the burden of housework…but how do you get the kids to help?  With Mother’s day on the horizon, a Consumer Reports test just might have discovered a way to get the boys of the family to help with laundry! The answer is “FOOTBALL” !   Tie doing laundry to the NFL and watch the kids go to work.  Here’s why.

The NFL has to wash 5,500 pounds of laundry every week. In fact, pro football does more laundry in a week than the average household does in two years. So tell the boys they can help with the family laundry using the “Official Laundry Detergent of the NFL.”   You may even be using it already…it’s TideThe North American Fabric Care Marketing Director for Proctor and Gambel’s, says, "The NFL is the ultimate test for a laundry detergent and we’re proud that our brand is the one the equipment managers trust to keep uniforms clean."

So whether it’s the Seahawks or the Saints, the Lions or the Bears, use the power of your kid’s football fanaticism to move them from the play ground to the laundry room!

As a bonus, in a Consumer Reports’ test of laundry detergents, Tide products took first, second, fourth and sixth place on stains such as ring-around-the-collar, grass, blood, tea and chocolate.