• The Mayor of Yakima wants a new job as Micah Cawley says he'll announce his candidacy for Yakima County Auditor Tuesday.

    “Voter turnout and voter registration are important and have always been important to me.”

    Cawley believes he has the experience to run the office and says he has been thinking about it since 2009.

    The current auditor Corky Holloway is retiring at the end of the year. On Wednesday, Rep. Charles Ross announced his intention to run for the auditor seat saying he was not going to seek another term in the state house.

    If Cawley is elected he would have to step down as a member of the Yakima City Council.

  • Yakima County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Troy Clements is expected to announce his candidacy for Yakima County Prosecutor during a morning news conference Friday.

    The announcement is set for 11:00 at the Yakima Valley Museum.

    Earlier this month Yakima attorney Joe Brusic announced his candidacy for the prosecutors office as well. Current prosecutor Jim Haggarty has announced he is not seeking re-election.

  • The Yakima County Prosecutor's office does say however that the March 31st trial date might be postponed so lawyers have more time to prepare.

    43-year-old John Munzanreder is accused of shooting his wife Cynthia as they left a movie theater in Union Gap in March of 2013. He's charged with first degree murder.

    A co-worker who is accused of hiding the gun, 21-year-old Juan Ibanez-Cortes, also is charged with murder in the shooting of 45-year-old Cynthia Kelley-Munzanreder.

    John Munzanreder told police his wife was shot by a stranger who ran away but witnesses say they never saw anyone running from the parking lot of the theater.

  • Snow was a big factor if you were traveling mountain passes over the weekend which was bad news for drivers, but good news for area growers.

    More than two feet of snow fell last week in the cascades and more than a foot has fallen since friday night.

    Snoqualmie pass was impacted Sunday leaving a lot of drivers with a slow commute over the pass to get home in both directions.

    More snow is in the forecast this week if you are driving the cascade mountain passes. Area growers are looking forward to an improved snow pack to avoid a drought later this year.