• The air quality in the Valley is dirty and harmful, so the Yakima Clean Air Authority has called a stage two burn ban.

    Agency spokesman Dave Caprile says that means agricultural burning, use of wood burning fireplaces and wood stoves is not allowed until conditions clear up.

    Caprile says the young and old suffer the most in these conditions. “Young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable in these conditions.”

    The additional smoke mixed with pollution can also be harmful to people with respiratory problems says Caprile.

  • Yakima firefighters say three people escaped from a fire at a mobile home in the 3000 block of Castlevale Road overnight Wednesday.

    Firefighters were called to the fire at about 11:30 P.M.. Fire officials say when they arrived they were told a person in a wheelchair was inside.They quickly rescued that woman and two others. All three were checked out at the scene and released.

    Investigators say the fire is related to a problem with the heating system.

    The American Red Cross is now helping the three people left without a home because of the fire.

  • Mayor Roger Wentz tells KNDO News that he is very excited to begin their own downtown revitalization. He says it has been years since major work has happened on main street and it is time to make it a more friendly place for businesses and pedestrians.

    Wentz says the decisions that will be made in the coming months will make a lasting impact.

    Plans for revitalization include wider sidewalks, landscaping and replacing old storm drains. The city has gathered $4.8 million for the project in grants and loans and hopes to finish the work in the next five to 10 years.

  • The Yakima Valley played host to a variety of Christmas parades and events over the cold weekend.

    It all started Friday night with the "Light Up the Plaza" event in downtown Yakima and Selah lighted parade. The events ended Sunday night with the 14th annual Yakima light parade along Yakima Avenue.

    Despite the cold weather hundreds of people lined the parade route along Yakima Ave.

    The parade included a large lighted combine from the Sunnyside lighted implement parade which celebrated its 25th year in downtown Sunnyside on Saturday night.

  • Yakima police are investigating the Yakima's latest homicide.

    The body of a 62-year-old woman was found Saturday night after firefighters responded to a fire at a home at 1809 Greenway St. After dousing the flames and finding the woman's body detectives arrived and discovered the woman died before the fire. An autopsy is planned for Monday.

    The woman's name has not been released. Police are looking for any information about the fire or the death. Anyone who can help are asked call police at 575-6200.