My family life aside, here's what you need to know about my hobbies - I love video games, I love Craigslist and I love it when new stores comes to Yakima - especially when they're locally owned an operated. You can imagine my sheer joy when I found out that Yakima will be getting a store that buys, sells and trades video games from all systems from Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 all the way back through Nintendo 64, Genesis and the 8-bit NES.

I first found out about this place from a Craigslist post that seemed too good to be true. Looking up the phone number, it belonged to a place called 'Smith's Stuff' in Richland, WA. After speaking to the owner, Alex Smith, he decided to pack up his wares and relocate to Yakima, much to my benefit.

He's currently setting up shop at the Blue Ribbon business park on 28th and Washington and should be open Tuesday, January 8th at Noon. I took a peek inside and I saw video games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NES and saw refurbished game systems as well. I even saw, what looked like, a few rare games that are hard to find. Some classic video games can fetch a pretty penny to collectors.

If you're a retro gamer like myself, this place will be somewhere to check out often to see what new games came in.