The Yakima Arts Giving Circle is pleased to announce that a new sculpture will soon welcome Yakima residents and visitors. The new spherical painted steel work measuring 9 feet diameter is titled "Transcendence" and was created by the internationally renowned artist Bernard Hosey.  Yakima is most fortunate to have a sphere from Bernard who passed away earlier this month; he was an internationally acclaimed artist who has placed his intricate orb-like sculptures all over the world. Bernard stated that: "The sphere embraced the entire community. As children one of the early objects we play with is a sphere. We are embraced in the circle of our family, neighborhood and community, continuing through our entire lives."

The sculpture will be installed on the Southwest corner of Yakima Avenue and Second Street on August 29 and 30. With the sudden death of the artist, his wife and family have stepped in to install his final sculpture. The new piece will be dedicated on September 7 at 6:30 P.M. in memory of Dr. Harlow and Representative Mary Skinner in honor of their dedicated service to our community.

The marriage of Representative Mary Skinner and Dr. Harlow Skinner truly depicts the character of the Yakima Valley.  Harlow's father was a physician, Harlow attended Amherst Collage and received his medical degree from Western Reserve Medical School. Mary’s parents were Mexican migrant farm workers. Mary came to the Valley at 3 months of age.  She graduated from Yakima Valley Community College and Central Washington University. Together they took on leadership roles for dozens of organizations and causes in the State of Washington. Throughout their 41 year marriage Hal and Mary were devoted to each other and dedicated to their community.

The total cost of the sculpture including installation and lighting is $50,000. The sculpture has been funded totally by private donations from the Yakima Arts Giving Circle and others who donated in honor of Dr. Hal and Representative Mary Skinner. The Arts Giving Circle thanks all community members who have been involved in bringing this unique artwork to Yakima. Bernard Hosey’s sculpture provides a contemplative platform encompassing issues concerning community, creativity, and commitment to beautifying our city’s environment for generations to come.