I had one of life’s great pleasures this past weekend as I met my first grandson. Three week old Jackson Justin Maier didn’t have a lot to say at our first meeting but it was cordial and I got away without having to change his diapers. He hates that.  Me too.  Naturally he is a sweet handsome boy.

Invariably when new moms meet up with other moms the conversation turns to the birthing process and the level of “pain” endured in delivery.  The usual jokes about how guys couldn’t take it abound.

Clearly men and women are very different, and now science has found that gender may affect how you experience pain.

Researchers in Germany interviewed more than ten thousand patients and discovered women were more likely to report feeling more pain after minor surgical procedures, while men were more likely to report more pain after major surgery.

Scientists say emotions play a role in how the genders are affected by different procedures such as a cancer-related biopsy or an abortion taking an emotional toll on women, affecting their perception of pain. (CBS)